Kids Play Apps

The Apps for iPad that reinforce shape recognition skills, memory, and creativity.​

Kid tested.

Kids Play Apps are thoughtfully designed with simple interactions and an uncluttered interfaces. Screen touch areas are designed for young fingers and features are kept to a minimum. Often very little instruction is needed. And no ads. And your privacy is strictly protected—no information is collected.

Colorful and simply designed, this app teaches your child without being overstimulating. The sounds and animation provide natural, positive reinforcement that kids love and keeps them learning.

Amanda Rose, PsyD

Kid's Match

A matching and memory game for kids. Featuring 3 levels of difficulty. 

A free starter card pack is included and all additional packs included with a single purchase:

– Farm Animals
– Jungle Animals
– Birds
– Sea Creatures

And of course, no ads.

Find Me: Dinosaurs

Kids love dinosaurs!

Animated dinosaurs run onto the screen, make dinosaur noises and their name is spoken. Then your kid hunts for it in a grid of either increasing difficulty or, through settings, a single level of difficulty.

Children also gain the ability to use technology at an age-appropriate level in an instructive venue all while having fun!

Find Me: Shapes

Find Me Shapes provides an opportunity for young children to engage in a learning experience that is refreshingly simple. Children learn shapes and colors, as well as developing eye hand coordination. Children also gain the ability to use technology at an age-appropriate level in an instructive venue all while having fun!

We’ve tested Find Me Shapes on children as young as 20 months and they love it!

Finger Paint

Simple finger painting for young children with the option to save pictures to Photos. Pick a color and paint away.


No ads and no in-app purchases. Ever.

This colorful and engaging app allows children to participate in an interactive game as they learn sorting and matching skills necessary for educational development.

Cathy Johnan, MSEd

We're here to help.

You’ll discover that even very young children will learn how to play almost entirely on their own with very little direction. We suggest you talk your child through the process a few times, read the shape name and color and reinforce this on the find screen.

If your child loses interest change to a higher level. Surprisingly young children quickly showed a preference for higher levels.

Just the faqs.

In the middle of play the app switches to another app or home screen, or freezes.

Busy little fingers can easily cause multi-finger gestures that can exit an app or cause other unexpected behavior. We recommend going to iPad Settings > Home Screen & Dock and turning off Multitasking to prevent this.

How do I return to the home screen?

In Shapes and Dinosaurs. Double tap in the upper left corner from most screens to return to the home screen.

Any questions?

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